Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Reader's Show-off: Laura

 Today we have a Reader's Show-Off from my awesome friend Laura.  (All photos courtesy of Laura Taylor Photography.)

Laura and I go way back.   I think there is even a picture of our mothers pregnant at the same time with us.  You know how some people have "the golden touch"?  That's her - seriously, this girl is good at everything!  Laura forwarded me some pictures of some amazing headbands that she has made recently.

When my oldest daughter was born I searched high and low for some cute hair accessories that just didn't seem to be readily available, so I stared making my own!  I ended up forming a business, but mostly I just loved being creative and making sure my baby girl wouldn't get called a boy any longer!  When my third daughter was born I got into photography.  Now my hair accessories have also expanded to include photography props and styles with lots of texture and colour and especially that vintage look that is ever so popular right now.  I just can't resist letting my imagination take control and creating fabulous hair pretties for my girls, my photography business, and to sell on my website.  It's really addicting!  I love searching for new fabrics and feathers, buttons and beads to make each creation unique!

Thanks for sharing and inspiring, Laura!  Laura has promised to share a tutorial with us for making these beautiful headbands (when she finds time between being a mother of three adorable girls, and running her two businesses).  I'm looking forward to it!


Jennifer said...

Absolutely darling! Such detail!! Thanks for showing us Laura!

tina said...