Monday, April 4, 2011

Reader's Show Off- Jodee

My good friend Jodee emailed me this week with a Reader's Show Off project. She made her little boy a baby blanket that is small and practical for him to cuddle.
When my first son was born, my coworker gave me an adorable little bear chair and it came with a little mini blanket. We snuggled our son with it all the time since it was the perfect size to carry around. Well, now is now 4 and he STILL carries it and loves to snuggle it. It is so handy since it is small, and his little 'comfort' blankie can be tucked in the diaper bag or carried just about anywhere without it getting dragged on the ground! When my second son was born I knew I had to make one for him. I found some soft fuzzy fabric, used Miles' as a 'pattern' to cut the same sized square, and then just sewed some ribbon around the edge. Then I had his name embroidered in the corner. So easy! Now they each have a blankie that they LOVE!
Thank you so much for sending us these pictures! Darling and very practical! I wish my little girl's blanket was small and easy to take places! THANK YOU!

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~jen said...

Super cute. =) My son loved his crocheted afghan so much, I made a tiny one for him do drag around. He calls it his "tiny blanket" and loves it more than the big one! Sure saves mom's sanity and arm...