Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Inspiration Frames

If you are like me you have a million frames just lying around waiting to be used.  I love picture frames, but I seem to accumulate them faster than I can use them.  I also have a blank wall in my 'studio' - I use that term loosely.  I love to sew, craft and come up with ideas for new projects, and my messy 'studio' tends to help me loose all of my inspirational papers.  When I look through a magazine or on the internet, I love to clip out pictures or ideas that I want to try sometime.  I thought it would be fun to use my excessive amount of picture frames to help organize my ideas. 
All I did was take out the glass and back part of the frame then I sanded it really well.  I picked out my colors and painted each frame.  All of the frames took at least 3 coats of paints.  I distressed them the same way I did for my dresser redo

After you hang the empty frames on the wall, all you have to do is add your inspiration.  I used painters tape to put up my pictures, so it wouldn't peel off the paint on the wall.  It is also really easy to change the pictures as you have more inspiration.

Don't you love that white dress!  I have never tried to come up with my own pattern before, but this dress makes me want to try.  

I am going to add more frames to cover the wall.  It would be so cute to have the whole wall covered with inspiration frames.

This project was so easy, and it was fun going through my folders to pick out what clippings I wanted to use.  Is everyone else as obsessed with clipping out ideas as I am?


emilysnan said...

hiya erica , what a great way to display your inspiration and use up old frames , tfs

Julissa Mora said...

Hi Jennifer - Nice to meet you. Thanks so much for stopping by. Love your blog... it's full of lots of inspiration! Cheers!
Julissa :)

Stacey - Elle Belle said...

I would love to have an inspiration spot like this! All my inspiration comes in the electronic format... I tag the blogs I read and save ideas in my iphone. I should try a more tangable method though, maybe it would... inspire... me :) said...

Hi I am Anne and love this idea, i too have a lot of frames to be repurposed . . . my only thing that would suggest is to make this idea more visually appealing is to mount the ideas with donuts rolls of tape behind inspired idea, so that the strips of tape do not show . . I am kind of a stickler on this it really bothers me to see just strips of tape when people mount things. You could even velcro them with dot velcro at the dollar tree. Just a thought but I am going to dig out my frames thanks for the inspiration! aj