Monday, March 14, 2011

Reader's Show Off - Ellisa

Ellisa Rangel sent in us pictures of the simple and practical car seat cover she made. This is a wonderful idea.
I love my car, but what I don't love about it, is that every summer my back gets drenched in sweat because of the leather seats. I've tried to find covers that would work for my car, but I was having trouble because the seat belt comes out of the seat.  Instead, I made a very simple flap that hangs from the head rest. I also blogged about it in my own blog and gave DIY instructions.
Finished Car Seat Cover

Main Cover Pieces

Thanks for sharing with us!  Ellisa also runs an etsy shop selling adorable cards.  

 Have you finished something that you are super excited about and would like to show it off? Please send an email to thepolkadotumbrella(at)gmx(dot)com so we can show it off for you.

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Elissa said...

Yay, thanks for posting my idea. I plan on tweaking the design however