Thursday, March 31, 2011

Baby Week Tip: Diaper Changing

I was kind of disappointed with myself. When I had decided to invite the whole team to contribute a tip or idea centered around baby week I thought I would have much more ideas then I did. You would think that after having 2 babies I might have some, but I really drew a blank.

This is what I came up with to share.

I don't know about any of you, but getting my just shy of 1 year old to stay still during a diaper change is nearly impossible. He twists over and is on his way long before I can even get a wipe out.  So, what I have found to work is changing him on the floor. I put him between my legs and then put my feet on top of his arms. I don't have to press hard at all, just enough to pin him down. Then, when I lift up his legs, he isn't going anywhere. He surprisingly doesn't get upset like he does if I am wrestling him around with out pinning him. I hope this helps anyone out there.
Please don't use this picture of my little guy. Thanks!

We here at The Polka-dot Umbrella would LOVE some helpful hints regarding babies seeing we are all new Moms and one will be down the road. If you have a baby helpful hint, please send it our way by making a comment!


Carrie said...

My tip that I try to pass along is for when kids or babies cry and hold their breathe. I know they aren't going to pass out (usually, it does happen), but it freaks me out! So when they start holding their breathe, just blow into their face. They quickly take a big breathe. It has worked everytime in all 3 of my kids for 6 years now.

...And Faux Pearls said...

Mine is: Once your child can stand on their own, try changing their diaper with them standing up. It goes sooo much faster, and my stepson(2) feels like a "big boy" so he behaves and doesn't fight it.

Aubrey@My Forever House said...

While using the restroom at a restaurant or store I let my daughter go first and leave her pants down after she wipes. She busies herself with pulling up her underwear and pants so that I can use the toilet without worrying about her unlocking the door and exposing me to anyone waiting outside.

Carlee said...

I have pinned my kids before when I'm changing their diapers too. And Carrie, I was that kid holding my breath until I passed out. I'm glad my kids didn't inherit it!

MessyMissy said...

A trick I always loved for changing a babe is to have a stash of random objects like tinfoil, a remote, and empty tissue box, and *especially* some TAPE to distract them with for the changing. A nice sticky piece of tape will keep them occupied for quite some time (supervised, of course!!). :-)