Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Wood Wall Art

47"X47" Wood Board Wall Art

When we first purchased our home and I got all our things in and unpacked, the entry way was where I was stumped the most. Let me back up a bit, we had just moved out of my 2 bedroom downtown apartment, and my husband was just a year and a half out of his bachelors. We didn't have much, and what we did have was a little of this (something someone gave us) mixed with a little of that (something that we picked up along the way). So... my house was unpacked, and the entry way, the most important part of the house for decorating, was empty.

Just like everything I do, the perfect thing eventually just came to me: Wall Art. This thought was triggered from something I saw at Pottery Barn, but ended up nothing like it when I was finished. My husband did the math (again), and we began building this beautiful wall art.

I drew a picture and then pulled out my crayons and began coloring.

We made it with 1x3's and 1x4's for the top piece.
We used 2x2's for the frame.
For the frame we nailed the two boards that met together and then added corner brackets to hold the it securely. There was going to be a lot of weight added, so I wanted it to be very sturdy.
I painted my frame red, and then laid my boards on top just like in my colored picture. Then we began nailing them down. We started in the middle to make sure things stayed straight. I used large headed nails (that is my girly term for them). I wanted it to look tough and sturdy and also have some, (girly word) embellishments on the overall art piece. No manly carpenter would appreciate my terminology, I am sure.

Again, my favorite part of this project was making it look old and worn. I added some painted brown and black stripes, and then sanded it.
I didn't use any lacquer or finishing products. I liked the color it was, and I knew it wouldn't be getting banged and scratched up hanging on the wall.

When I finished I couldn't stop smiling. This project was hands down the most proud I have been with my end result. After we hung it, I kept going into the entry just to look at it and admire it.
I can't wait to make one for my little boys room. I am thinking blues, browns and oranges. Won't that be darling?

I have had a couple orders for this wall art and would like to extended it to anyone else that is interested. It is pick up only for UT, Davis County. You can special order your piece and customize the colors.

This is a stunning piece for a home! I don't think any one person has walked into our home for the first time and hasn't commented on the piece as they come in. This piece has wonderful sense of uniqueness and bold coloring that lights up it's surroundings.

The price is $125 for a 47"X47" Wood Wall Art.
Please contact me at the polkadotumbrella(at)gmx.com.



that is so cool love it.

Connie the crafterbug said...

Oh , great job,I love it. It is so bright and cheery!

Rebecca @ My Girlish Whims said...

woah, what a statement piece! it looks so cool!

Amanda said...

This is absolutely gorgeous. I just wanted to stop by and let you know that I linked to this post today from the Home & Garden channel at Craft Gossip. :) You can see it here

Thanks for the great idea!

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Michelle said...

I found this at Craft Gossip and absolutely love it! Wonder if I'm brave enough to try it myself...

Lauren @ YoungNester said...

I love this! I am your newest follower :)

Lucy Designs said...

this is gorgeous!

Janelle said...

The wall art is so cool! I wish my husband can help me make something like that. Thanks for sharing! And thanks for visiting my blog and your lovely comment :)

Megan @ {VintageHydrangeas} said...

Oh my, I LOVE this! It is so cool! You have every right to be so proud, awesome work!!!

Now if only I lived in UT.. :)

Amy Gilman and Emily Lee (Sisters of the Wild West) said...

This turned out GREAT. Good job. I love the colors that you used. I would love for you to link it up at our link party.
Amy@ SistersoftheWildWest.blogspot.com

Barbra said...

I don't use this word often but this is..awesome!

Robin said...

I ADORE this! Thanks so much for showing us how to do it!
If you have a minute I'd love for you to link up to All Things Inspired!
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xo Robin
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Liza Mae's ReCreations said...

I really, really like this. It's so creative. Also, love the colors you chose. Awesome job!

Christina @ It's a Keeper said...

Hi! This looks awesome! I host a weekly blog hop -- It's a Keeper Thursdays. I'd love for you to stop by and link up!

Christina @ It's a Keeper

Michelle@Somedaycrafts said...

Love this! What a statement and I love it opposite of those colorful frames. I am featuring this at somedaycrafts.blogspot.com

Heather {WhipperBerry} said...

love, love, love this! You need to come party with us at our Friday Flair party at WhipperBerry...we would squeal with delight!


Sachiko said...

Love the wall decor, so fun!

Lillian Pearl Designs said...

What a fantastic idea! Great post, thanks for sharing!

MJ @ MD School Mrs said...

This is AWESOME! I absolutely love it. Great, great work.

-MJ @ MD School Mrs

Amy Gilman and Emily Lee (Sisters of the Wild West) said...

I featured your project at our Sister Sunday link party.
@ SistersoftheWildWest.blogspot.com

Amy Gilman and Emily Lee (Sisters of the Wild West) said...

We featured your project.

Jill @ Women Who Do It All said...

Wow, that's stunning. I love the colors!

Megan said...

this is just wonderful. better than PB.


Brambleberry Cottage said...

What a terrific piece of wall art - and thrifty too! You would have to pay BIG money for something like that at Pottery Barn.

Thanks for linking to the party. Hope to see you each week. ;)

Liz @ the Brambleberry Cottage

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