Monday, February 7, 2011

School Valentines - Readers Show Off!

Shauntel Banaski sent me a DARLING Valentines project I couldn't wait to share!! She did an absolutely darling job!  She also shared with us how she made them.  

School Valentines
I started with a library book envelope.  I bought them at Utah Idaho Supply for five cents each.  I also had to buy scrapbook paper since mine is all still packed away.  My son didn't want anything girly, so we went with polka dots; red for him and pink for my daughter.  

I also bought the Indie Art cartridge for my Cricut.  There are other designs with skulls, but I liked this one best. The last thing I bought was some 3D Glue Dots, but you don't necessarily need these (although it makes the gluing step faster).

Instead of using paper for the skull and having to glue each piece individually, I used vinyl and made stickers. (The place I originally saw this used paper and glue, no thanks!) I could justify vinyl because I buy it way cheap. The store is called Regional Supply and is open to the public.

I Trimmed the paper to fit the envelope and just used a glue stick to stick it on.  I'm sure distressing it would have been way cute, but I wasn't feeling up to it.  Next, I took the skull stickers I had made with my cricut and stuck them on to the Valentine's.  

I thought my girls wasn't girly enough, so we added crowns using the same Indie Art cartridge. My son thought the girls in his class would like crowns so we added some to his too!

The whole point of the original was because my son didn't like what Valentine cards said. It embarrassed him to say "Be Mine" that's why they say "You Rock" which is not lovey at all! Plus, Pop Rocks go right with it!

Pop Rocks in the store are like a dollar a piece, and when you have around 50 to make, that adds up. I found the best price was at Oriental Trading. I paid about $42 for 75 packs, and that included shipping. I wanted extras for the last minute idea we thought of! I had them about five days after ordering.  It was sweet. The only down side was that you couldn't just buy the red packs. It came with Red, Green and Blue. No big deal though.

My sons class brought home copied pics of everyone to cut and glue on their Valentines, he put the pics on the back and signed his name. I will help my girl write her name on the back as well. I'm really happy with them. It would have been cheaper and easier to buy Transformer and Princess Valentines at the grocery store, but this was a fun and simple way to get some creativity out. The expensive part is just the candy, but who doesn't love Pop Rocks? The kids are excited because they got to help a little when I made them and got to choose their color paper. Plus, the three of us are going to have a Pop Rock party with the leftovers!

Thank you so much Shauntel for sharing! I am definitely tucking this idea away for when my kids are in school. I can't wait to see more of what you come up with!!

If anyone else has something to share and show off please email me at We can't wait to see!!

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