Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Update Your Hardware For Almost Nothing

Like I had mentioned before I just purchased our first house. Our darling new house was built in 1984 so there is gold hardware everywhere and I new I really wanted a newer look.
I took a step back and thought if I could have all new hardware what color would I choose? I thought black because it would go with all our black furniture. So... I went to the store and got a few cans of black spray paint. There are so many color options out there. I really liked this Oil Rubbed Bronze because it had just a hint of the popular bronze color to it.
I laid out a sheet outside and took down ALL the gold hardware. So, my neighbors first impression of me was outside in my paint cloths spray painting just about everything but the kitchen sink. (I have had a few neighbors say something to me about it.) I cleaned the hardware really well and then hand sanded all the handles and door knobs because I wanted the paint to stick really well seeing it will be touched and used all the time. I put 2-3 coats on everything just to make sure I got in all the cracks and notches as well as have the color I was going for. I was so excited about the difference it made in the house. So if you have been considering getting all new hardware for the house you might want to try this out first.